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Homestay and walking tour in Sapa 4 days 5 nights | Sapa Tours

Three days trekking from the centre of spectacular Muong Hoa valley up and down hills you will challenge your feet with hard trekking while enjoying beauty of nature, meeting and making acquaintance to tribal peoples from different ethnic groups to enrich your knowledge with different culture and way of life. You also have chance to experience peoples and especially their hospitality while staying two nights in their homes.

Conquering Fansipan Peak - The Roof of Indochina 5 days 6 nights | Sapa Trekking Tours

Locating nearby Sapa town in Lao Cai, Fansipan Peak is famous to almost travellers for its height 3143m as the roof of Indochina. Reaching this Indochina roof after overcoming difficulties may not just give you the absolute victory feeling but certainly bring you with breathtaking natural scenes, spectacular beauty of clouds on Hoang Lien Mountains and cultural life moment of ethnic minorities in the Northwest area.

Weekend trip to Sapa and Bac Ha Market 3 days 4 nights | Sapa Trekking Tours

Escape from hustle and bustle Hanoi, you’ll join a weekend trip to get to the Sapa mountainous area and join an authentic market of colorful H’Mong people called Bac Ha Market which is held every Sunday morning. Bac Ha is known as the largest and most colourful market in the area and attracts throngs of villagers from the surrounding hill tribes. The journey is then continued by taking you to Sapa town which is famous for both its fine, rugged scenery and also its rich cultural diversity. Sapa is an incredibly picturesque town that attracts you indeed.

Sapa Vietnam, a beautiful place that you should come. | Sapa Trekking Tours

"I’m sure that you should go to Sapa"

Sapa Vietnam, a beautiful place that you should come.
Do you know why?
In the hot of summer, everyone wants to get to somewhere cold, peace and gives them the rest. Sapa can do that, if you don’t believe, let read behind….
Sapa is on the north west of Viet Nam, it ‘s about 4637 ha. Sapa is located at an high1500m -1800m, and it‘sa very cold place, suitable for everyone in this hot. The landscapes of Sapa are associated with human creativity and the creation of natural. It make a region more attractive romantic scene. The limate here is cool in all day. Sapa also has waterfalls, hot springs so you can take a between natural shower, its awe some.

Christmas & Happy New Year Tour 2014

Sapa - one of the most ideal destination in the Northern Vietnam for all the times in years. Especially, with the temperatures from 10oC, Sapa town in winter is so beauty, charming all day and luxury at night. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, visiting Hanoi city, Sapa town and Halong Bay - the wonder of nature, will bring another experiences for all of you, who want to have wonderful moments for your longest holiday of the year.

Special tour program celebrates 110 years of Sapa town | Sapa Tours

Interesting activities celebrating 110 years of SaPa tourism will be held with provincial scale in 2 days 1 -2/11/2013 , in the heart of Sapa town .
Accordingly, the 110 year anniversary of SaPa tourism will be solemnly held in the evening 2/11 at the stadium SaPa town center . In this occasion , local decision received the Ministry of Culture , Sports and Tourism to recognize the Sapa terraced fields scenic country .
Also at 2/11 , Sa Pa district organized firework mid celebrate 110 years of Sa Pa tourism and cultural reproduction of traditional folk and ethnic minorities in the program ” Night traffic conditions ” Spring in the Vienna area gardens .

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