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Xin Chao & welcome to Vietnam!

When people think of Vietnam they normally envisage scenes from War movie such as Platoon, Full Metal Jacket & Apocalypse Now etc. However, after a long & bitter War, Vietnam is fast becoming Pearl of the Orient!

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in South East Asia, with stunning landscapes, lush paddy fields, ethnic cultures, idyllic beaches & chaotic yet dynamic & charming cities.

With Vietnam’s long history of colonisation & War, there is a mixture of Eastern & Western influences whether it be in the guise of Chinese or French food or architecture, yet Vietnam is still very much Vietnam in its own right. The delicious food also signifies Vietnam’s personality; aromatic, gentile, strong & spicy…!

Let’s discover a beautiful Vietnam country now:

Ta Phin Village – a cultural destination of the Red Dao ethnic minority | Sapa Trekking Tours

If you have an opportunity to visit Sapa, don’t forget to reach to Ta Phin Village, one of the most attractive destinations that located about 17km from Sapa town to the east. With the wonderful natural beauty and the unique cultural features of the Red Dao ethnic group, Ta Phin is an extremely suitable choice for your holiday. The following are some interesting characteristics that I would like to share you.

On the whole, I hope all of you have a happy time in this holiday. And if you’re interested in this nice village, contact us via email: or hotline: (+84) 974.861.652 to get more detailed and useful consultation.

Conquer Fansipan Summit | Sapa Trekking Tours

Located about 9 km from Sapa to the southwest, Fansipan is the highest mountain of Vietnam and Indochina with the height of 3143m. This is a exciting destination not only for explorers, adventurous people but also for young people wanting to experience and express their selves. Today, to help you take a safe and perfect itinerary, +Vietnam Typical Tours would like to share you some tips to conquer Fansipan Summit.

A Glimpse Of Sapa 2 Days 3 Nights | Sapa Trekking Tours

Travel to Sapa in the most comfortable carriage, staying overnight at the Victoria Resort, taking a short walk around Ta Phin and Muong Hoa Valleys to enjoy the most beautiful scenery of a fresh nature, meeting local tribal peoples or sitting down with a cup of coffee over viewing the romantic scene of the town at sunset…All are included in this only two days trip and you’ll never forget Sapa.

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